The 2014 Hugo Award Nominations, The Good and the Complicated

As I mentioned this weekend, Queers Dig Time Lords was nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Related Work.

The complete list of Hugo Award nominees is here.

My thanks to the contributors to QDTL, to my co-editor Michael, to Lars at Mad Norwegian Press. My especial and heartfelt thanks to all the Hugo voters who put us on the ballot.

My congratulations to a number of the nominees. The following are the people whose work I have read (or listened to) and endorse:

Seanan McGuire aka Mira Grant, for Best Novel
Cat Valente, Andy Duncan, and Ellen Klages for Best Novella
Mary Robinette Kowal, Ted Chiang, and Aliette de Bodard for Best Novelette
Rachel Swirsky, Sofia Samatar, and John Chu for Best Short Story
Kameron Hurley for Best Related Work
Paul Cornell, Brian K. Vaughan, and Fiona Staples for Best Graphic Work
Ellen Datlow and John Joseph Adams, Best Editor Short Form
Liz Gorinsky and Sheila Gilbert, Best Editor Long Form
Fiona Staples, Julie Dillon, and Galen Dara for Best Professional Artist
The ENTIRE slate for Best Semiprozine, but especially to Apex Magazine
Verity!, The Skiffy and Fanty Show, and Galactic Suburbia in Best Fancast
The ENTIRE Best Fanwriter slate.
The ENTIRE John W. Campbell slate, but especially to Ramez Naam.


Now, a few notes.

1. The number of nominating ballots this year was up 43% over last year. More participation is fantastic. More participation means more opinions and views. I approve.

2. Counting myself, the Hugo nominations this year have THREE people from my high school. Me, Michael D. Thomas (for Apex Magazine, and with me for QDTL), and Ramez Naam (For the Campbell.) Let’s hear it for IMSA, hmm?

3. The ballot seems perfectly indicative to me of this moment in time, this moment in culture. The last two years have seen a nigh-constant conversation, acrimonious and heartfelt and sincere, in SF/F and in comics and gaming and geekery, about the nature of the future. The conversation is about whether the future of geekery will be open and representative or insular and reactionary. Whether it will be fun or joyless. Whether it will be free or silencing.

All the sides in this argument think that THEIR side is open and free and joyous and representative. All the sides think the OTHER sides are reactionary and insular, dangerous and vocal minorities. The story of this conversation is in this ballot. It’s in a ballot which contains both Rachel Swirsky’s “If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love” (nominated for Best Short Story) and Larry Correia’s Warbound: Book III of the Grimnoir Chronicles (for Best Novel.) It’s in a ballot with wild extremes of political views espoused by various nominees.

4. So go vote. If you are eligible, vote in the Hugo Awards. Speak up. Make your voice heard, regardless of who you vote for.

5. VERY IMPORTANTLY, here are the RULES for voting in the Hugos. It’s an instant run-off system, sometimes called Australian Rules Voting. Rank your choices; it matters.

6. There is a lot of amazing work nominated. I am so pleased that I get to read it all!

7. My profound thanks to everyone who nominated Queers Dig Time Lords. Profound. Thanks.

You put queers all up in this ballot.

Thank you.


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