What I am loving about Welcome to Night Vale

There’s a lot that I like about Welcome to Night Vale. But here’s what I love.



Okay, are you ready?

Right then.

As of “A Story About Them,” we have a war brewing. Or, multiple wars. We have Tamika Flynn, a teenage girl waging a war single-handedly against the helicopters. She speaks truth and fights without giving up. We have Dana, lost interdimensionally, making alliances with vast armies and leading them onward. We have Carlos the scientist, fighting to discover the truths about Night Vale. And we have Cecil, determined to get the word out to all parties.

We have kids and women and queers and people of color, we have scientists and artists and volunteers. We have the discarded and the suspected, the denigrated and the unimportant, and they are fighting.

More importantly, we have ordinary people thrust into horrible circumstances and not giving way. What we have is a resistance.

I have feels, y’all.

Strex Corp is a creeping, insidious evil. More evil than the Sheriff’s Secret Police, or the Hooded Figures, or the Dog Park. Strex Corp is realistic evil. It’s slow evil that you can’t really see or fight or combat, it leaks into everything. Strex Corp is there to help you, it wants to give you things, it is looking out for you, it is on your side … It’s evil, through and through. And I have no doubt that it would kill Cecil or Tamika or any of the rest of them, given half an excuse.

Cecil is the voice of the revolution, quietly speaking hope and resistance to the others on his show. He is pretending to collaborate, but is letting the fighters know they are not alone.

When I listen to WtNV, I root for Tamika. For Dana. For Carlos and Cecil. I root for the queers and the scientists and the people of color and the women, the discarded and forgotten and underestimated. I root for them against the power of Strex Corp. As a student of history I worry about them. History tells us that the lives of spies, resistors, and counterinsurgents are terribly short.


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