My social media presence —

I’ve garnered a few new followers in the last couple weeks. Hello, all! Nice to meet you! Here are a few things about me and social media, for your information:

1. I am not on Facebook. I set up a profile a few years back, when a friend from high school died and Facebook was the best way to be in touch with people regarding his funeral. I do not check Facebook. No Facebook message will ever get to me. My Facebook profile SAYS this. If you want to contact me, email or Twitter are best.

2. I talk a lot on Twitter. I just do. It’s always unfollow amnesty around these parts. I will never ask you why you stopped following me, it’s your call. @sigridellis

3. I can only follow around a hundred people or so on Twitter. I change up who I am following every few weeks or so, but I can’t keep track of more than about a hundred folks. Since my Twitter is public, though, you can always @ message me, and I eventually will see it.

4. I have a Tumblr, and I love Tumblr, and I have a separate Twitter account for my Tumblr posts. @SigridsTumblr

5. I try to post to this blog Monday through Friday. I am terrible at answering comments.

6. I am NOT the only person tweeting as @apexmag. There is a team of us.



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