We Are Comics

We Are Comics is a …

it’s a truth. Just that.

Rachel Edidin, Arturo R. Garcia of Racialicious, and Elle Collins of Comics Riot have started a Tumblr in service of representation. (Full disclosure; I am a moderator of that Tumblr, as well. Thank you, Rachel!) The mandate of the Tumblr is quite simple.

You. You are the mandate.

You submit a photo of yourself, with a sign or caption that reads “I am comics.” If you like, you can include a bit about yourself, what makes you part of comics. We post your image with the tag “I am comics.”

Rachel, Art, Elle and I believe — more than believe, we KNOW — that comics is bigger and better than the bigots. We KNOW that comics is a diverse and thriving community of fans. We know in our bones, all the way down, that the misogynists and racists and homophobes are not comics.

They are a fringe. An edge. They are a dying cadre of diminishing consequence, their influence shrinking and their former power turning steadily into the butt of a joke.

They are a punchline. They are weak. They are losing a cultural war, and this current round of vitriol and bile is the flailing gasp of a poor loser who can’t walk away gracefully.

We are comics. I am comics, and you are comics, and we are comics.

The Tumblr is proof.

You can submit your I Am Comics here. Or post to Twitter with #iamcomics, or @WeAreComics. (Or both, for added measure.)

We Are Comics. We are tired of standing by while bigots pretend that comics belong to them.


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