Game of Thrones, no spoilers

I tweeted this morning that I worry about the women and children on Game of Thrones.

That’s not exactly right, though.

I worry about everyone on GoT that doesn’t wield power. That’s mostly the women and children, sure. But it’s also Podrick, and sometimes Tyrion.

The men on this show, they mostly bring the horrible things that happen to them on themselves. They have agency, they put plots of violence and vengeance in motion. When they are killed in battle or poisoned or murdered, well, they all kinda signed up for that. (There is a generational violence question, though. Clearly. I mean, the Lannister boys didn’t REALLY sign up for the lives they have. Their father chose it for them, as his chose for him. And the Stark boys, well, they, too, are tied up in this whole pageant of grievance and revenge and power in an almost congential way.)

But the women and the children …

They all try to play. They do. They wield every power they have, pick any weapon they can figure out how to use. They cajole and blackmail and poison and seduce and weep and buy what they can. And it all ends when a large man with a sword shows up.

I worry, is what I’m saying. No matter how powerful any of these people look in a given moment, I worry.


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