Book launch! Sparrow Hill Road

Seanan McGuire’s book, Sparrow Hill Road, goes on sale today!

I had the honor of being a beta reader for this book early on, and it is a pleasure to read. I mean, if you think folk stories about death, lost souls, and the dammed are enjoyable.

One of the things I most enjoy about Seanan’s work is her depictions of agency. Not all of her characters seem to be obvious candidates for heroism, at first glance. Yet that is the joy and value of her work. Agency, power, and heroism show up everywhere. All the time. Every character is given a chance to make choices and influence the course of events. Rose Marshall, the narrator of Sparrow Hill Road is one of those somewhat unlikely heroes. To begin with, she’s dead.

As you read Sparrow Hill Road I encourage you to go check out issue 60 of Apex Magazine. We have a poem from Seanan, “Graveyard Rose,” which is, in fact, a song written in conjunction with the Rose Marshall stories. Seanan has a few such songs, folk ballads for an updated American ghost story.

You can buy Sparrow Hill Road at Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, or the independent bookseller of your choice.

You can subscribe to Apex Magazine, and get things like Seanan’s poem delivered to the e-reader of your choice.

Happy Release Day, Seanan! I hope it’s a good one.


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