Links and random observations

1. Over at Buzzfeed, Saladin Ahmed discusses how the Comics’ Code killed the Golden Age of Comics. It is well worth the time. Once again, women, queers, and people of color who were always historically present were deliberately and systematically erased from the record by straight white dudes.

2. I have finished the epic crossover AU fanfic, He Says He Is an Experimental Theologian by Sailor Ptah, over at AO3. It’s a Welcome to Night Vale AU crossed with His Dark Materials. The world-building is phenomenal. Just … just wonderfully and comprehensively good.

3. We Are Comics is still taking submissions! Especially if you have any photos from Free Comic Book Day!

4. The following is the quotation that has been stuck in my head for days. (Well, not exactly. I couldn’t remember it, and finally asked a friend who I KNEW would rescue me. So, the half-remembered quotation was stuck in my head for days.)

“It always comes back to power. I love Beverly Marsh and she has power over me. She loves Bill Denbrough and so he has power over her. But–I think–he is coming to love her. Maybe it was her face, how she looked when she said she couldn’t help being a girl. Maybe it was seeing one breast for just a second. Maybe just the way she looks sometimes when the light is right, or her eyes. Doesn’t matter. But if he’s starting to love her, she’s starting to have power over him. Superman has power, except when there’s Kryptonite around. Batman has power, even though he can’t fly or see through walls. My mom has power over me, and her boss down at the mill has power over her. Everyone has some…except for maybe little kids and babies.”

IT, by Stephen King

5. Producer Butch Vig recorded a video for “Girls Talk,” sung by Shirley Manson and Brody Dale.

I suddenly and urgently want this to be a Yuletide fandom.


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