May 8 2014

1. Yesterday I:

Swam laps
Saw my ENT for a follow-up appointment
Taught school
Took K to the mall
Did three loads of dishes
Caught up on Apex email

2. I have now tried to order shirts online five times in the last month or so. Three of those shirts have not fit. The shirts that fit were the t-shirts.

3. I have not done any cooking in a few weeks. It just seems like too much work. Part of that is that the kitchen counter has been COVERED in stuff for a couple weeks. Most of that stuff will be gone in another week or so.

4. The ENT appointment was mixed. My throat has healed considerably. But it’s not finishing the healing process. It’s red, and inflamed. (But not delaminating in bloody strips, so that’s pretty damn awesome.) (And it’s still not cancer.) My doctor is certain of all the things it is NOT, and is referring me to the University medical center for another opinion. Which is all fine and good. I can talk, and work, and sleep, and it’s still not throat cancer. This is all victory.


One Response

  1. I think you could just post every day for a year and be all “it’s not cancer” and I would say “yay!” every single time.

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