BGSD Challenge of the Week

You all know about #bgsd, right? About Kelly Sue DeConnick’s text-message list of motivational messages? You can sign up right here, and get nagging messages from Kelly Sue daily.

This week KS offers a challenge. You take the list you made last week of things you got done. (Or if you didn’t make the list then, sit down and make the list now. What did you do last week?) This list includes all the projects you knew you meant to do when the week started, but it also includes the emergencies that came up, the things and people that interrupted you, and the moments of self-care. Did you shower every day? Put it on the list. Did you make that horrible call to the insurance agent about the car accident? Put it on the list. Did you finally remember to get summer clothes for your kids? Put it on the list.

Look at that list. Really, look at it. Look at the sheer tonnage of SHIT you got done last week.

You are fucking mighty, I promise you.

But I digress.

Here is today’s challenge.

“So your assignment for some time this evening or tomorrow morning is to look over your calendar, look at what you have due and what you want to have done *by this coming Friday*. Work backwards —

1) make a list of what you want to have done by Friday;

2) break those accomplishments down into tasks; and

3) distribute those tasks over the five days of your week.”

There you go. Hup hup hup.

And, might I recommend signing up for the bgsd text nagging? It’s good to be reminded that we’re all in this together.


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