UnFuck Your Habitat, my weekend

This weekend was the end of K’s circus shows for this year. My family came up to visit, and it was also J’s birthday, and J and N had choir rehearsal, and and and …

There was a lot going on.

But I took Friday and Saturday off of work for the family visit and circus shows. And, in the in-between moments (between driving kids to classes and lessons and make-up call and pick-up) I did some cleaning.

Because nothing says “clean your house” like one’s mother, brother, and brother’s family coming for dinner.

First, I cleaned my car..

That actually had nothing to do with my family visiting. Rather, I am driving to Madison in two weeks, for Wiscon, and I thought that made a great excuse to really clean my car. I scrubbed down the interior with vinegar and water, I vacuumed everything, I removed all the garbage and junk, and I took it to a nice car wash place and splurged on the deluxe wash.

It feels really good to get all the gungey yuck out of the middle console and drink-holders.

I then worked on invisible corners. Invisible corners are those places that, well, you’ve stopped seeing them. You’ve walked past that bit of debris so many times it is invisible to you. I removed the bag of planting soil from next to the front steps and put the dirt in a planter out back. I moved the planting trays to the garage. I took the smaller, empty gerbil tank out to the garage. I cleaned my closet, making three bags of stuff that can now go to Goodwill. I cleaned the refrigerator. I changed the tablecloth.

The house wasn’t actually clean, you understand. We have five people and three puppies and a host of gerbils all living in not-very-much space. But it was cleaner, which is the entire point.

UnFuck Your Habitat is not a sprint. It’s a walk. It’s do what you can, when you can, how you can. It’s every little bit helps. It’s something is better than nothing. There is no failure mode in UnFuck Your Habitat; there is only you, doing what you did.


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