Where did it go? #bgsd

I have no idea what happened to this week.

I worked Monday and Tuesday.
Dinner with a friend on Tuesday.
K had a playdate on Wednesday and I got my pants fitted.
Had a date with J on Thursday while the kids went to dinner with friends.
Taught school Wednesday and Thursday.
Went shopping at Menards, Walgreens, Goodwill, Target, REI, and the liquor store.
Got party supplies for Wiscon.
Went to a PT appointment.
Cleaned the basement that had flooded.
Answered email.
Went to the Y to work out, realized I forgot my swimsuit, did not work out.
Made kale chips twice, made baked tofu.
Taught the kids’ cooking lesson.
Paid bills.
Cleaned my closet.
Did PT exercises.
Walked the dogs with J.
Fed the kids nachos while we watched Agents of SHIELD.

I did not do the Apex work I needed to do. I did not do the cleaning of my office I needed to do. I did not work out. I did not do cooking for myself for the coming week. I did not go to the bank.




I got some stuff done.


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