Back from Wiscon

Usually I post in the morning. That probably tells you something about how I am not really on my game today, hmm?

Wiscon was great.

The panels I did went well. They were well-attended, the panelists were great, everyone seemed interested and engaged.

The panels I went to were good. I enjoyed them, I learned stuff. I didn’t go to as many as I wanted. (Isn’t that always the case?)

The Guest of Honor speeches were fantastic. Calls to action, both of them. I approve.

The guy I helped report for harassment last year was back — he was not banned from the convention for a first offence, and I completely support Wiscon in making that call. I saw him here and there at the con. Hearsay tells me he was not repentant. Whatevs. The good work he did in the past is not undone, but it won’t be his legacy. His legacy will be a man sitting alone in consuite surrounded by people being happy and smart and involved in a bright future that does not include him.

The Apex Magazine party on Friday night was a lot of fun! We had a nice crowd, despite the newly-awkward party arrangements at the hotel. I met a lot of folks, and Conversational Roulette seemed to be a bit of fun for people. It was a good way for people to meet strangers on the first night.

It was a good con. I am exhausted, yet already want it to be next year.


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