The misfortune to be medically interesting

Yesterday I went to my second opinion appointment in the ENT department at the University of Minnesota medical center. This was at the recommendation of my primary ENT, who is mystified as to why my throat is not healing properly.

The appointment was frustrating in the length of time I was kept sitting around waiting to be seen. But the actual appointment, once I saw people, was good and somewhat funny.

I have the misfortune to be medically interesting.

What this means is that the ENT has NO IDEA what is wrong with me. Everyone agrees that something is wrong! But they can’t figure out what or why.

So now we begin the testing. First up, we are going to examine the possibility of a weirdly-presenting autoimmune-something-or-other. It sort of makes sense — my immune system is going like gangbusters, and I still have ulcerating sores in my throat. Soooooo, something is not working right.

While the doctor DID joke that it could be Ebola (it’s not, the symptoms don’t line up at all) we are going to start here. Lots of blood tests for markers of autoimmune problems.

Off we go!


2 Responses

  1. Well, foo! Silly throat, stop being that kind of interesting! Boring is good when it comes to medical stuff.

    At our house, we usually call anything Too Weird To Figure Out by a placeholder name, the time-honored one being Dutch Elm Disease. I am going in tomorrow to find out if I have Dutch Elm Disease of the kidneys.

    Let’s race each other over to the boring side of the medical playground, OK?

  2. I understand. Good luck

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