How YOU can help We Are Comics

We Are Comics made the following post, in response to queries about how folks can help.

I am quoting the post IN ITS ENTIRETY here.

Please, signal boost this or the original Tumblr at will. Thank you.


To everyone who’s asked for ways to support this project:

First of all: Thank you, so much.

Right now, we are not in a position to accept financial donations—nor do we have direct need of them.

At this point, We Are Comics is not equipped to accept financial donations. There is no official gear (or, rather, there is no gear you can buy through us—as far as we’re concerned, all “We Are Comics” and “I Am Comics” gear is official). Steps like incorporating as a nonprofit are very far in the future—if they’re on the horizon at all. We Are Comics is run by a really small core group; we took a lot of care to set this up to be a fairly streamlined project with low editorial time-commitment—something we can sustain long-term without burning out.

That said, we would LOVE your help.

Our primary goal at this point is visibility: of the project, and, by extension, of the diversity of the comics community. Here are some ways you can help support us:

Participate: Submit a photo and statement, or post one at your own blog and tag it “i am comics.” Pros, this goes for you in particular: you’re in positions of leadership and visibility in the larger comics community.

Make stuff: We would love to see artists and designers making “I am comics” t-shirts, buttons, prints, and graphics—either DIY or for purchase, in collaboration with us or independently, and the more the merrier. Not only are we 100% cool with you selling this stuff for profit, but we will happily boost your signal and point people to your shop.

Signal boost and recruit: Help us spread the word. Encourage your favorite pros and publishers to participate. Reblog, retweet. Write about us. Talk about us. If there’s someone you’d like to see on our site, let them know!

Say thank you: Let the creators, publishers, and retailers who’ve spoken up know that their willingness to take a stand for diversity and visibility matters to you.

Donations in our name: If you’re really eager to sling money at someone, we’d love it if you’d make a donation to any of these organizations on our behalf:

Girls Leadership Institute
The Representation Project
East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention
Hero Initiative

Anything else you can think of: Organize an “I am comics” event at your local store. Start a letter-writing campaign to a publisher. Pitch an article to your local paper…

Most of all, though…

Keep it going. Don’t let this disappear. Stay hungry. Stay loud. Don’t stop the signal.

Love and Solidarity,

The We Are Comics Team

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