It has been a long-ass week

I recently came across this post, Bullshit Makes You Tired, by Lilith Saintcrow, from October of 2013.

This is certainly the week for it.

Wiscon was great for me, personally. I am trying to check my privilege and listen with understanding to those who felt differently. Every time I think “why don’t you just-” in my head, I stop, take a breath, and try to LISTEN to what is being said.

There is an explosion of conversation about misogynist fundamentalism. Not religious fundamentalism that contains misogyny, but the misogynist extremism that Laurie Penny so accurately describes in The New Statesman.

The “not all men are rapists” apologists are not endemic in the corners of the internet I frequent, but responses to them are, and I have been reading those responses.

The #YesAllWomen hashtag is wrenching, and then angering, and now I have just slid into numb exhaustion. Yep. More of the same.

Friends of mine are various having some health concerns, ranging from the irritating to the deeply worrisome.



Marjorie Liu reminds us that feminism is out superpower.

“Feminism is not something we should run from or make excuses for. Feminism is our only tool for saving ourselves and our societies. Feminism is our superpower. And we must use that superpower every day and every way we can. We must always speak out, bearing witness, and in the process build solidarity, build courage, build community, build change — and yes, build hope.”

Sofia Samatar remixed the Wiscon Guest of Honor speeches from N.K. Jemisin and Hiromi Goto.

I would like to acknowledge the Ho-Chunk and Dakota Sioux Nations and their traditional lands. I am a guest, here, and I am grateful.

[I]t has been almost twenty years since [Samuel R. Delany’s] prophetic announcement, and in that time all of society — not just the microcosm of SFF — has racheted toward that critical, threatening mass in which people who are not white and not male achieve positions of note.

Our bodies, our genders, our sexuality, cultural and historical backgrounds, class, faith, atheism, migration, immigration, colonization, have had us experiencing our lives and our sense of place (if not home) in distinct and particular ways.

And indeed we have seen science fiction and fantasy authors and editors and film directors and game developers become much, much more explicit and hostile in their bigotry.

So let’s have a final note from Calming Manatee.

I Still Believe in You.

I Still Believe in You.

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