CONvergence is next weekend!

My local Big Con ™, CONvergence, is next weekend!

I will be on the following programming items:

Thursday July 3rd 10:00 pm: GEEK FLIRT
Saturday July 5th 5:00 pm: SLEEPY HOLLOW FAN PANEL
Sunday July 6th 12:30 pm: ONCE UPON A TIME FAN PANEL

I never know from year to year whether I will get the weekend off of work, so I tend to not commit to a ton of things. This is why I have no Apex Magazine panels or events. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it to the convention until three weeks ago! In addition, this year I have a surgical biopsy of my throat scheduled for Monday, June 30th. So my ability to talk at con may be compromised.

I will be around, though! I don’t stay at the hotel, but commute. I tend to get to con around 10:00 in the morning, and leave around 11:00 at night.

If you would like to make plans to get together, email me! Or @ me on Twitter if you don’t have my email. Let’s try to schedule something in.


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