Back from CONvergence!

Well, that was a WEEKEND.

I realized that, weirdly enough, CONvergence is my personal relaxacon. I never schedule anything important or serious, I never make firm plans. I see friends, I do some fan panels, I buy stuff in the Dealer’s Room, I take pictures of cosplayers. I spend time relaxing in a hotel room.

It’s really lovely.

Some key features of this year’s con:

In very sad news, former Head of Parties, Tish, died over the weekend. The details I have heard are distressing, but are ninety-seventh-hand gossip, and you can go ask somebody who would know better if you want more information.

Attendance was around 6500, more or less.

Everyone was talking about the high quality of programming this year. Everyone. CVG used to be the convention I went to with the worst programming, in my opinion. That is by far no longer the case. Panelists were informed and thoughtful, the topics were interesting and extremely varied. There really is something for nearly everyone.

I deeply approve of the one-way-hallways in the party circuit. It makes the parties possible to navigate. I approve. And I approve of Cow Asylum on Thursday, publicly shaming people who were going the wrong way.

There was a Carol Corps meet-up! It was lovely to see some of my fellow enthusiasts, however briefly. (I was running to a panel I was on, my apologies!)

Essentially, the convention is big enough that you can find the convention you want to attend buried inside of it. I really enjoyed it this year.


2 Responses

  1. Oh, hell and damnation. I kept hoping that the “Tish” referenced was not MY Tish, my fellow knitter and Drunken Knit Night participant. Fuckfuckfuck.

  2. Next year! I will be there next year! Promise!

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