Home dental surgery is typically not recommended

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While I do address issues of feminism, community, and geek, I also blog about my life, my work, my pets, and my kids.

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So, last night, as the kids were going to bed, they were studiously trying to get various loose teeth out. K had one, and M had one, and they were working diligently. We sent them to bed, and told them to go to sleep.

Forty minutes later the kids, doing grand impersonations of a herd of wildebeest, came thumping down the stairs. I was in bed. J was in bed. We were in bed, reading quietly, nearly asleep. The kids come into the bedroom triumphantly.

“It took kleenex, a bobby pin, and a LOT of pulling,” K said with satisfaction, “but M’s tooth is out.”

M pops his head in around the doorframe. “Can I have some tylenol?”

I start laughing wildly.

J groans and looks at the kids. “Can the Tooth Fairy come tomorrow night?” she asked plaintively.

M and K look shocked and horrified. “No!” Miles says, and draws breath for an argument.

I interrupt. “Okay, I see, since you guys did all this hard work, you really want the Tooth Fairy to come tonight, is that it?”

“Yes,” the chorus.

We groan. “Fine,” J says. “Go back to bed. Go to SLEEP. The Tooth Fairy will be by after you are ASLEEP.”

“Thank you Tooth Fairy!” K says to us, as she ducks back out into the hallway.


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  1. This cracked me up! Reminded me of when my kids were younger and trying to get their teeth out for the tooth fairy ‘dollars’. And yes, while home dental surgery is not recommended, kids can certainly get away with it. But still, I do recommend that you check their handiwork parents! Just to be sure 🙂

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