Wiscon Concom’s final Frenkle decision

The decision is here.

He’s banned for life.

I don’t feel happy about this.

I don’t feel unhappy. I feel …

… worried.

I’m worried for the future.

I care far less about the actual outcome, and far more about the process.

I don’t want the process for convention policy to be this opaque in the future.

At this point, I cannot think of a decision that would actually make me happy. I don’t think the Wiscon Concom has any good options left. I am pleased to see that the leaders of my communities (all volunteers, let me stress) try to reflect and learn from mistakes.

I am less pleased by my observations that we-as-volunteer-organizations appear to have no common understanding of who and what we want to be, and that we-as-organizations are motivated by fears — fear of litigation, fear of public opinion, fear of being called bad guys.

Fear makes a person run from.

I want to know what we are running towards.

I’m glad that Frenkel’s targets, past, present, and future, won’t have to deal with his presence at Wiscon.

I wish this had come about differently.

The decision just leaves me feeling depressed.


One Response

  1. I’m still completely baffled that they haven’t seemed to say anything about “here’s the process we used, here’s the process we’ll use going forward.” Not even “we fucked this one up so bad, we give up, now it’s time to build an actual process.”

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