Couldn’t have lost to a better work, aka, the Hugo Awards

The 2014 Hugo Award Winners were announced last night.

Queers Dig Time Lords lost for Best Related Work to Kameron Hurley’s utterly fantastic We Have Always Fought: Challenging the ‘Women, Cattle, and Slaves’ Narrative.

I really couldn’t think of a way to be more pleased about losing than this.

Overall, women, queers, and people of color basically ruled the Hugo wins.

Vox Day lost his category completely, ranking below No Award.

Our genre fiction is not changing; it has changed.

Here comes the future.


One Response

  1. I was very happy with how the Hugos came out. Anywhere my favorites didn’t win, they were beaten by worthy entrants I didn’t mind seeing take the prize.
    I was particularly cheered to see that scrappy perennial contender, No Award claw out a 5th place finish in Best Novella.
    You have my congratulations on a well-deserved nomination, and my admission that while I enjoyed Queers Dig Time Lords, I too was blown away by “We Have Always Fought.”

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