Minnesota State Fair!

The Minnesota State Fair starts today!

I have grown to love the State Fair. As a younger adult, I didn’t see the point. I thought it was hokey and fake, full of smarmy self-righteousness and provincial smug superiority.

In hindsight, that opinion was entirely about me. About my feelings of not fitting in of being judged harshly, of my suspicion that friendliness and kindness were set-ups for crual pranks, about my conviction that I couldn’t accomplish worthwhile things.

These days I love the State Fair.

I’ve grown into understanding that it is some of humanity at our best. It truly is the Great Minnesota Get-Together. People from all of the state and therefore from all over the world are at the fair. People of all ages participate in the fair, children to the elderly. There’s a genuine joy in the traditional and the modern, a celebration of continuity of place that looks forward to the future.

Yeah, I’m kinda a fair booster these days.

It’s raining right now.

We’re going to the fair anyway.


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