House of Entropy

1. The kids finally declared that they want separate bedrooms. Fair enough. But because our house is TINY, this necessitates us remodeling half the basement.


We’ve been getting bids for a week, now. (And by “we” I mean J has called all the contractors, made all the appointments, and talked to each guy when he shows up. You know. “We.”) Step the first will be to put in drain tile and a sump pump to stop the annual spring leakage in that corner. After that the contractor of our choosing will frame out two rooms, insulate, and drywall the spaces.

They will be odd little rooms, but perfectly suitable for the storage and pet space we need.

2. I spent some time this week cleaning the garage and the shed. Neither of them was in a particularly usable state, and I was tired of it. Now they are each 80% clean, and we have a plan to get rid of a number of items.

3. We got a new dishwasher this week. Our house does not have an in-cabinet dishwashing machine. We instead use a rolling, portable, half-size dishwasher. We … we rather abuse the poor things. In nine years, we’ve run two right into the ground. They are just not MEANT for a family of five! So, we’re on the third.

Eventually, at some long-distant future point, we will have the kitchen remodeled. I fully intend to put a dishwasher in at that time.


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