And now, misogyny

The Great Naked Celebrity Photo Leak of 2014 is just the beginning, by Roxanne Gay.

Live Nude Girls, by Genevieve Valentine.

Emma Watson’s Tweet on the subject.

Chuck Wendig has a PSA about nude photos.

If any of you reading this think that any of these people deserve to have their privacy violated and their sexuality as human beings assaulted by strangers, please do tell me right away. Let me know if you think that consenting adult sexuality is a crime punishable by international public humiliation. Let me know that you have never done anything with a sexual partner that you would not be happy to see stolen from you and publicly mocked. Please, do tell me if you think celebrity removes all agency, choice, and intimacy from people’s lives. (And be absolutely sure to tell me that this happens to male celebrities, too.)

I am going to quote Chuck Wendig’s piece, here, because he says it perfectly:

“When you judge someone for taking nude pictures on their phone — and you suggest that what they got was, if not deserved then at least expected — you’re a sexist shit-ferret. You’re not really making a point about security or the porousness of the Internet. You’re making a judgment based on that person’s choices. You’re judging the act of taking naked photos rather than the theft of the photos. You’re putting the onus of the crime on the victim and not the criminal because — really, this is why, I swear! – you don’t agree with their choices.


Nobody deserves it.

If you suggest otherwise: congrats, you’re now part of a culture of rape, misogyny and sexism.”


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