Apex Magazine Issue 64 TRIVIA

The September issue of Apex Magazine came out last week!

Here’s some fun trivia for you regarding issue 64:

1. I can’t type the word September. It takes me, like, three tries every damn time.

2. Charles Tan, author of How to Live Safely in an Online Universe, is usually the first person to say good morning to me on Tuesdays. Thank you, Charles!

3. Apex is running a micro fiction contest! It’s pretty awesome so far, and I truly hope all y’all reading this will contribute.

4. I picked our cover art, “Planetary Base,” by Jeff Ward, because one of our slushers mentioned that they miss the old-school SF covers of the 70s and 80s, full of chewy planetary science, and Ward’s art is a gorgeous updated version of that beloved art.

5. This issue has TWO excerpts for subscribers! Thank you, Jason, for arranging that!

Tune in next month, for more Apex Magazine trivia …


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