Hanne Blank’s “52 Weeks to Your Best Body” Project

A while back Hanne Blank ran an IndieGoGo campaign for a new writing project, 52 Weeks to Your Best Body.

It’s not what you think.

From the IndieGoGo site:

“52 Weeks to Your Best Body Ever is the latest body-acceptance project from Hanne Blank, author of Big Big Love: A Sex and Relationships Guide for People of Size and Those Who Love Them and The Unapologetic Fat Girl’s Guide to Exercise and Other Incendiary Acts. It is 52 weekly chapters, each on a different subject having to do with bodies, radical acceptance, and an abundance of gleeful shenanigans. Readers get a book delivered in weekly doses, each one bringing a dose of body-loving perspective, insight, strategy, experiments, Zen, and badassery to help you revel in the amazing skin you’re in.”

I signed up for this, as I’m a huge fan of Blank’s other work. (Particularly The Unapologetic Fat Girl’s Guide to Exercise and Other Incendiary Acts.) Every week I get an email newsletter from Blank, with thoughts for the week and a challenge for the week ahead.

Every week I want to post what she says to the internet. It’s thoughtful and funny and sweet and profound. Here’s a few samples from the first four weeks. A few quotations, to give you the idea.

“Let yourself think about being out in the world and feeling like you — and the whole world — were glad you showed up that day.

What would do that for you? How might it change things?

Let your desire out to play.”


“No matter what it looks like, no matter how it’s shaped, no matter what things it can or can’t do, no matter how well or poorly various bits of it work, your body is making you possible right this minute.

You are here, and that means your body is already, without qualification, amazing.

This is the radical part of radical self-acceptance.”


“‘There is no wrong way to have a body’ is a short, sweet, perfect summation of the idea that your body is worthwhile and valuable simply because it exists and it makes you possible.”

It’s pretty great.

I’m really looking forward to the collection of this, when all is said and done. Hanne Blank. She’s a smart one, and a good one.


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