Emotional whiplash whee

MY DAY YESTERDAY, by Sigrid Ellis, age 41

1. I have been referred to the Mayo Clinic ENT. I have an appointment this TUESDAY, which is wicked soon. Apparently people with voice-dependent jobs can get in faster, which is great.

2. Call my insurance to check my coverage. My insurance, which has a HUGE network and VAST in-network benefits, does not cover the Mayo.

3. Panic, swear, shake, wonder if puking would help the situation at all.

4. J tells me the secret things I needed to say to get a different answer. We have a brief conversation about class and privilege and how there are ways around most roadblocks if you know the right things to say.

5. Call back, tell the Member Services person, Jaclyn, that I had been referred to the Mayo by an in-network specialist after a year of treatment and two surgeries, and is this covered.

6. Jaclyn says get my doctor to SAY that and fax the letter to Medical Policy.

7. Call the specialty clinic, and FINALLY got an email that *might* get to Dr. Get a direct line number of someone to follow-up with.

8. Email, call, leave messages.

9. Email my supervisor and HR specialist at work to explain that I will not be working this week, because I am not allowed to take any medications prior to this Mayo appointment, in order that my throat adequately swells up to it’s non-medicated, sloughing self.


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