Moving forward with the week

1. So, this was the medical situation on Friday. I can’t talk well enough to work. I may have to pay for the Mayo Clinic out of pocket. We still don’t know what’s wrong with me.

This … this colors everything else, right now. I plan to spend today on the phone, trying to move the process along more, get more answers on the payment front because, well, that’s all I can do.

2. As announced last week, I am stepping down as editor of Apex Magazine. This is due to Apex’s publisher, Jason, finally getting the chance to quit his dayjob and take over Apex full-time. December 2014 will be my last issue.


As I said, the medical concerns kinda take up a certain amount of brain-space. Medical bills have been high this year. Money is a bit tighter. Uncertainty is rife. I am a native worrier in the FIRST place, and this does not help. The physical discomfort is not crushing, but it is omnipresent. So. That.

Yet, I had a nice weekend, for all of that. Saturday was M’s birthday. We had a small party on Friday morning, we had cake on Saturday. M is really happy with his presents.

Saturday was also the resumption of swim classes for M. He was feeling put out at having to go to swim class on his birthday, so I volunteered to go swimming for my workout. I detest swimming, I’m afraid of water, and M appreciated my gesture of solidarity. While I swam laps before his class he patted my shoulder and said, “There, there, Mom.”

I made cream of potato-leek soup on Saturday evening, and it was fantastic, and the whole family liked it.

On Sunday I got up and went to help my girlfriend work on her Tiny Trailer. (She’s building a camper trailer from scratch. It’s neat! And tiny! And it will be fun to camp in!) She’s at the covering-the-foam-walls-with-fabric stage, so we sanded and glued and three hours later had covered the interior ceiling. My knees still hurt this morning, from kneeling on the wood floor and power sanding foam over my head.

I’m still watching Criminal Minds. I’m in season two! Prentiss just arrived on the scene! I’m looking forward to the resumption of Sleepy Hollow, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

I am worried about my health and the money, but things aren’t terrible. It’s nice to see that.


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