Fall season television, I adore you

The new fall season is here! So far, I am very happy!

I’m probably not going to talk too much about new tv shows here. I’m not interested in providing spoilers. But a few points of note:

1. Scandal is essentially doing a reboot. The new season starts up some months after the events of the previous seasons, with all out characters in new places doing new things. It’s a good place to jump in, and it … removes .. some of the REDONKULOUS plot convolutions of last season. Moreover, it looks like Portia di Rossi will be a recurring guest, which is great news as far as I’m concerned.

2. Sleepy Hollow is back and in fine form! And it looks like the bulk of the new characters are still women and people of color — not straight white guys, still and always. And Orlando Jones is STILL a joy on Twitter and Tumblr.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine! This is one of the rare comedies I like. It’s … weirdly sweet. I get the distinct impression that the show, its writers, its staff, and its actor genuinely like and respect all the characters, regardless of the jokes told. And, I suppose, that’s my main problem with most comedy — lack of respect for human foible. The comedies I enjoy retain that basic respect. And Andre Braugher is still a national treasure.

4. I am so far watching How To Get Away With Murder. I like the cast a LOT, and the premise is interesting. The plot seems a wee bit Revenge-y (the tv series, I mean) in that there’s a murder in the first episode and a tight timetable and I suspect the show will include lots of flashbacks and fake-outs and Stunning Revelations. That can be good! But it can also be tedious. (It is, in fact, why I stopped watching Arrow. Tedious flashback fakeout reveals.)

5. I am also watching Gotham, so far. As I have said before, and many times, I love everything about the Batman story EXCEPT Batman. Batman, I detest. (Unless we’re talking DCAU. I kinda love Batman in the DCAU. Everywhere else, I dislike him with a fannish anger.) Gotham, then, is just my sort of thing. A comprehensive cast of Gotham City characters, without the tediousness of Batman. I love the actors, I like the writing, and so far the show seems to have a nice balance between grim-and-gritty and self-aware-scenery-chewing. Jada Pinkett Smith is glorious as Fish Mooney, for instance.

6. The Blacklist is back! And still fairly ridiculous in its plot convolutions! But I enjoyed the season premiere, and hope it continues in this vein.

7. I gave up on Doctor Who. I watched every episode of the season so far. The last two, “The Caretaker” and the heist one whose title is escaping me, were glowingly reviewed in a number of places on the internet. Best of the season, folks said. A resurgence of good writing and acting. So if it’s not working for me? Well, it’s just not working for me. Perhaps I’ll pick it up next season.

8. Gravity Falls! I like this show a lot. And I turned the kids on to it, and they also love it. Victory!

9. I thought the Agents of SHIELD season premiere was interesting. Lots of set-up, little delivery. The show is CLEARLY playing a very long MCU game and is willing to string the audience along. Since I am a veteran comics reader I understand this pacing, and accept it. So far. Also, I really love the connected MCU and the various guest appearances.

10. I haven’t watched the Once Upon a Time season premiere yet. I have COMPLICATED FANNISH FEELINGS about that show, and it takes me a while to work up to it, emotionally. :crazy fan is crazy:

… Is that it? I feel that I’m forgetting something. Hrm.

Well, that’s it for not, anyway!


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