Still and again this question arises

What do we do about missing stairs?

What so we do when we find out that someone in our community is a bully, or a stalker, or a creeper, or a sock-puppet-wielding narcissist?

No laws are broken. No rules trampled. Merely the trust by which society operates and thrives.

What do we do when we find out?

I am never the person sinned against, these days. Oh sure, in my youth I was creeped at, I was intimidated, I was taken advantage of. Whatever. Water under the bridge, and we’ve all moved on. My point is, none of this shit ever happens to ME these days. I just hear about it through third parties.

So what do I get to do?

Nothing, usually.

Yesterday I learned of another such missing stair. I haven’t been impacted by this person AT ALL. I could out them with ease and no consequences.

No consequences for me.

It’s not my call. It’s not my call to out the victims in the collateral. It’s not my place to reveal abuses that don’t happen to me.

When someone’s trust has been violated, I do not get to violate that trust further, not even ‘for their own good.’

So what do we do, internet of well-intentioned people? How do we handle these things?

This is why we have missing stairs.

We have got to come up with a better way.


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