Geek Girl Con 2014!

I am back from Geek Girl Con!

It was a great con, and I had a blast.

On a strictly personal note the drugs I was on for my throat WORKED, and I could talk, pain-free, all weekend. NOR did I throw my back out on the first day, the way I did last year.


The actual convention was pretty damn fun. I chatted with Adrian and Mick of Optimystical Studios, I met some friends-of-friends, and some of the great authors who have submitted work to Apex Magazine in the last year came up to say hi to me.

I was on one panel, The Carol Corps and the Emerging Face of Fandom. We had a pretty good time, despite the 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning slot. Many thanks, AGAIN, to all of y’all who got out of bed and made it to the con for the first panel of the day! And special thanks to Kelly Sue DeConnick, who was in NYCC, for sending Kit Cox to the panel with a swag bag for giveaways. (Kit, it was great to meet you! Thanks again!)

The panelists were myself, Anika Dane, her daughter Aeris, Sam Einhorn, and Jon Singer. And then Kit came up and did the swag giveaway. And then I roped Jason Thibeault into joining us to talk about the intersectionality of groups fighting evil. The crowd was great, the participation was great, and I am always brought to sniffles by how damn much everyone in the Carol Corps CARES. About comics. About each other. About the world. About everything.

The rest of the con was, overall, pretty good. I like Seattle. I liked the hotel. I ate at the Blue Water Taco Grill three times, because, YUM.

Good times. I hope I can make it back next year.


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