Home repair projects!

The last forty-eight hours saw me:

scrape the basement walls free of old paint
wash the walls
go to the hardware store for forgotten things
sweep the floor of lead paint chips and flakes
paint the walls with Drylok [girlfriend helped with this, thank you Laura!]
paint the second coat of the walls
remove the remaining furniture [at this point my daughter helped with everything following; thank you, buff and hella-strong athlete child!]
sweep the floor again
mop the floor
scrub the floor
mop the floor
dry the floor
scrub the stairs
dry the stairs
paint the floor
paint the stairs


teach school
go to the library for the weekly run
drop my car off for replacement bearings [J picked it up, thank you J!]
do multiple loads of dishes
take children to and from circus
go to small dog play group at the park

Somewhere is all of this, I have Done Something Untoward to my right wrist/forearm. I’ve got it in a brace again today, and am on a steady regime of ibuprofen. (Yesterday was ibuprofen and icing. It’s better this morning.) And, more importantly, J is doing the second coat of paint today.

Tomorrow we go the the hardware store AGAIN, this time with the kids so they can pick out paint for their new (old) furniture.

Home repair/remodel projects. They are relentless.

In the middle of the work yesterday, my phone twanged at me. It was a text message from Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Bitches Get Stuff Done inspirational text-list. It said, “Get back to work.”

I smiled, full of virtue and accomplishment, and resumed painting.


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