Pondering internet presence

Tumblr makes me think that the era of the blog is at an end.

All the personal blogs I used to read, the personal bloggers I followed, have largely stopped updating or have shut their platforms down. Everyone’s on Tumblr and Twitter, and that seems sufficient.

And then there are the folks who have newsletters.

Email newsletters used to be a thing. I liked them a lot. Now it seems that some of the creators I follow have migrated back into the email newsletter scene. It’s a form of contact I appreciate.

For one thing, I strongly prefer that content be delivered to me. I dislike going out to individual websites. I use feedly and Instapaper, I use my Tumblr home page, I use my Twitter stream. I almost never go to outside websites.

For another, the newsletter, despite being sent to hundreds or thousand of subscribers, the newsletter feels personal to me. I appreciate the illusion!

I’m pondering shutting this blog down.

Maybe leave it up for a while, with a final post directing folks to my Twitter and Tumblr. Maybe start a newsletter? I’m not sure about that one — Honestly, how many people would subscribe to a newsletter? I have my doubts!

This blog, though, I’m not sure it serves any purpose. I don’t use the comments for conversation — once I schedule a post, I never look at it again. I use Twitter for conversation. I use Tumblr for reblogging and sharing. What original content I want to generate can go to Tumblr or the as-yet-hypothetical newsletter.


It’s worth some thought.


One Response

  1. I enjoy reading your blog. I am not on Tumblr or Twitter. I suppose I could join if that is where the interesting content is.

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