Here’s the current chai recipe I use

Since Spuffy asked, I thought others might also like to know my current chai recipe —

Cinnamon sticks : Cardamon pods : Candied Ginger : Loose-Leaf Black Tea

1 : 1 : 2 : 4

So, I crush about 8-12 cinnamon sticks, depending on how much of the other ingredients I have. This makes a pile of razor-sharp cinnamon shards that’s probably … 2-3 Tbsp? Ish?

So then I crush 2-3 Tbsp of cardamon pods. Then I add about 4-6 Tbsp of candied ginger, depending on how big the chunks are, how old it is, etc. Then I eyeball the volume of … stuff … I have, and add about that much loose leaf black tea. Maybe a little bit less. I stir it with my fingers until it looks visibly about half tea, half other stuff.

Then I add:

6-12 peppercorns (I might up this)
a pinch of cumin seed (I might up this, too)
6-15 cloves

I stir it in a big bowl with my hands, and sniff it. Then I add a bit more of this and that, until it smells right to me.

It sorta depends on how much of each flavor you WANT in your chai.


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