Knitting things from the weekend

1. I finished the colorwork portion of my first hat! It’s a four-color hat. I have been given to understand that this is an ambitious first project.

2. Also ambitious because the earflaps required patterning the stitches in fancy ways.

3. Things I have figured out so far:

– there has GOT to be some sort of easier way to wrangle three balls of yarn when doing the color work, my goodness. The damn things kept getting twisted around each other. I suspect I am Doing Something Wrong.

– holding the thread in my left hand (Continental-style? I guess?) is easier for me than holding it in my right.

– The maximum number of stitches in a row I have had to undo to fix something is, so far, twenty.

– I haven’t torn out entire rows yet.

– all the colorwork ended up being MUCH tighter than the single-color rows. My hat is going to be distinctly lumpy and misshapen.

– I am given to understand the blocking the hat will fix this misshapen lumpiness.

– My next lesson will involve figuring out how much more hat I need for the crown, and then working out the decreases for it.

– Since apparently I picked a kid’s hat, based on how it looked cool and had earflaps, which means L and D are re-writing the pattern for me on the fly. So, determining the crown rows and decreases will involve lots of peering at it and holding it up to my head and then some math.

4. Are you on Ravelry? I decided I might as well join Ravelry. I’m sigridellis there. (All praises be to my almost entirely unique internet-name-presence.)

5. I am having so much fun.

Did I mention that? SO much fun.


One Response

  1. While you could be Doing Something Wrong, I doubt it is with how you manage the balls of yarn. Entropy works very effectively on yarn. Physicists have started to measure this. I think they used a box of holiday lights as the test material, but the principle is the same. Left to their own devices they will twist around each other.

    I have only knit with two colors at a time. I normally carry the yarn with my left hand (Continental style). When I knit two colors I carry one on the right and one on the left. Some colorwork methods use a system of how the colors cross in the back of the work. If they always cross the same direction the strands will accumulate twist. If you alternate – left over right one time, right over left the next time – the strands should stay untwisted.

    The only method I’ve seen to manage multiple colors is to have a bag with separate pockets for each color (or several bowls). Even so you will probably have to stop and untwist every so often.

    Happy knitting!

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