Things, and a newsletter sign-up

1. Later today I’ll be launching the intermittent newsletter that I’m trying, “Things Proceed.”

If this link works properly, you can sign up here.

I’ll be talking about … basically the things talk about here. But probably with a slightly more personal tone. I mean, sure, someone could take the newsletter and post it to the web, revealing my casual tone and random profanity. But it’s still marginally more discrete than a google-searchable website. If that makes sense.

I mean, I mostly Drawn a Graceful Veil over, say, what it’s like to have a camera up my nose and down my throat. Or, exactly the nature of some ridiculous fight over schoolwork with my kids. The Internet is Forever, and there’s no reason to record which math problems we threw down over for posterity. But I suspect I will be more inclined to say such things in a newsletter.

Also, I expect the newsletter will be contain trains of thought that end up nowhere in particular, rather than Having A Point.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, sign up! First one goes out later today.

2. So, I burnt the first batch of candied ginger, last week. THIS week I took it off the stove too early, and ended up drying it on very low heat in the oven for …. hours.

Eventually I will get this right.

But possibly not before my family puts a moratorium on making the house reek of ginger for days on end.

My girlfriend, L, helpfully reminded me that you can, in fact, buy BULK candied ginger on the internet.

So. That might be a thing.

3. J and I got the kids’ stockings filled this week. We don’t do Under-Tree presents, we just fill stockings. It keeps the cost and volume of gifts low, that way. And it makes us all be more creative with our buying, trying to find things that will FIT in the stockings.

There’s that word. “Fit.”

I gave up halfway through the first stocking, shaking my head in dismay. But J got everything in. Victory!


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