Top 2014 Blog Posts

The past year was a doozy.

My top ten blog posts of the past year sorta reflected that:

10) Zebras. Not Horses, Zebras was the explanation that I did NOT, in fact, have throat cancer. Indeed.

9) Wiscon Concom’s Final Frenkle Decision is merely my reporting of what ended up as the final decision, after weeks of back and forth and mishandling and good intentions and willfully ignorant intentions and all sorts of mess.

8) Squamous Cell Carcinoma was the post where I explained that I had throat cancer. SEE ITEM 10, ABOVE. Never so happy for doctors to be wrong.

7) We Have Got to Be Better Than This. Oh, I was tired and angry. I still am tired and angry. About the endemic nature of sexual harassment. About omnipresent racism. About malice and ignorance and the slow, grinding nature of human evil. We have just got to be better than this.

6) The 2014 Hugo Award Nominations were fascinating this year. In hindsight, I think … I think I’m glad the culture wars have become overt in the geek and fan communities. The fact that bigots are so angry and vocal all the time is a solid indicator that they are a shrinking minority. If their views and hegemony were secure, they wouldn’t have to fight about it all the time.

At number five, the numbers take a big, big jump upwards.

5) Elise Matthesen Guest Post: What Happened After I Reported. As a public service, I was one of the hosts of Elise’s essay describing how she reported sexual harassment at Wiscon, and what happened with the process of doing so.

4) On Being a Submissions Editor. I published this in 2012, but it still gets a ton of hits.

3) You’re Going to Fail No Matter What: Make Your Damn Choice. Two of my top three posts this year contained the word “fail” in the title. Yet I personally think they are hopeful, optimistic essays.

2) Procrastination, Failure, and Me. Because, see change is possible. In fact, change is probably. It’s likely. And the manner of change is something you can alter. Not control, exactly, but alter.

1) Wiscon, Policy, Feminism, Change. Speaking of change. The more I learned about how the decisions made by Wiscon about Frenkle, the more concerned I became. Yet, five months later, I am heartened. A number of people have stepped down from running Wiscon. There’s a new group of people stepping in. I am certain, to my bones I am certain that they will make mistakes. Goodness, yes. But they will be new mistakes, mistakes that have learned from the previous errors. That’s how we grow. That’s how we become.

I tell my kids, when they complain about school being difficult, that if they already know how to do THIS lesson, I’ll find a new one that they don’t know and teach that instead. That if they know how to do it, it’s not LEARNING. Learning, by definition, means that you don’t already know the thing. Learning, by definition, means you are probably going to get it wrong.

2014 contained a great deal of learning, for a great many people. Yes, it sucks to get things wrong. Listen. Learn. Change.

Go ye forth and become the person you wanted to be.


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