Crash Course World History!

I have been recovering from surgery all weekend.


In case you missed it, my throat biopsy last Wednesday ended up being more extensive and invasive than originally planned. Part of this I agreed to — additional oral biopsies — and part of this I did not — an accidental gouging of my pharynx.

I’ve been on narcotics since Wednesday evening. At levels which make me really Not A Competent Adult. This makes me both boring and bored.


I have found, thanks to N and J, a fantastic YouTube series — Crash Course!

This is by, interestingly enough, John Green — the John Green who wrote the 2014 breakaway hit YA novel-and-movie, The Fault Is In Our Stars. Who knew?

Anyway, I am blazing through the World History playlist, and it is great. It did take until episode 19 before I learned something new to me, but that’s just because I know a lot about world history. The series is fun, and funny, and highly informative. It’s also VERY clear on the problems and biases of history. (Why don’t we know about Muslim history? Racism!)

Anyway, it’s a delight. I put the playlist on auto and start knitting, and half-a-sock later it’s time for my next vicodin dose.



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