That’s what world history gets me —

While watching all of Crash Course’s World History, I finished knitting my first full sock.

The healing of my throat is progressing slowly. I keep worrying that my tongue and throat are permanently damaged, that I’ll never be able to eat or drink normally again. And then I remember that it’s only been five days, and they cut chunks out of my mouth and esophagous and that takes a little while to recover and I need to be patient.

I also worry about not pulling my weight, about not doing enough around the house and with the family. And so I try to cut back on the narcotics and be more useful, and I overdo it and get sick and crawl back to bed at 9:30 in the morning.


But it’s very good for knitting!

I tried the sock on, it fits and everything.

So last night I started Crash Course American History, and began sock number two.

They come in pairs, you know.


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