Random things on a Monday morning

1. Last night J and I watched the movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I can’t say I liked the movie, except … except I was completely fascinated with it, and stayed up later than I meant to in order to find out what happened.

I didn’t really like any of the characters. I never learned most of their names, thinking of them instead as the famous actors who played them. What I did understand of their nature I found largely unlikeable. And yet. And yet. J and I watched to the end, and then she went and looked up websites to help figure out what had happened.

If you want a weirdly compelling spy movie, this is the one.

2. The most recent Agent Carter had a reveal about Howard Stark’s backstory that is causing some fannish rethinking. I mean, I suspect most folks had presumed that Howard had a similar backstory as in the comics — after all, the characters is named after Howard Hughes. But now we have this new information and fic writers are working with it.

Here’s one take on Howard and Peggy’s relationship during the war.

And here’s my headcanon, until proven wrong, Howard Stark, Junior High Con Man.

Clearly, the adult Howard we see in Agent Carter is willing to work on dubious projects with dubious people. But that’s because he thinks he can stay in control. He thinks he can get away with it. He thinks he is smart enough, clever enough, and, weirdly, principled enough to work with bad men and come away more-or-less clean. Hence my headcanon.

3. My appointment at the Mayo on Friday was a non-event. The Oral Dermatologist looked at my mouth, shrugged, and sent me to the venipuncture lab for a blood draw. They are going to test for three obscure auto-immune disorders that are only relevant to the mouth and throat. We are well into the weeds, here, grasping at straws, but I am perfectly happy to be doing so.

At any rate, J and I were home by lunchtime.

4. I went to a small party on Saturday night, and it was lovely! And then yesterday I took two naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and went to bed at 9:30. So. There’s that.

5. The Queers Destroy Science Fiction Kickstarter crossed the $30,000 mark! This means that Nightmare Magazine will do a special Queers Destroy Horror issue. I … I really can’t tell you how excited I am about that. Horror fiction was just as important to younger-me as fantasy and SF, and I am so very pleased to see that this added feature has been unlocked.

Also, my goodness, did you see we unlocked the podcast booster? Even MORE Cecil Baldwin goodness!

6. In case you missed it, I am the flash fiction editor for Queers Destroy Science Fiction. Submit your work! Go ye forth, ye mighty science-fiction-writing queers, and submit your work! Submissions 1500 words and under come to me, longer work goes to Seanan McGuire.

Submit! Submit!

7. This Silent Fandoms fanvid is fucking brilliant.

I am sending you to the site because read the full explanation. The gist is, this is a fanvid for all the requests that were never claimed. All the fandoms that were too small to be matched. All the requests which are one lonely voice of love and appreciation.

Silent, in that no vid has been made for them.
Silent, in that there is no conversation about them.
Silent, in that no one remembers them.
Silent, in that one person carries this love alone.

This vid is for all of you. All of us. Everyone who holds love of a work alone.


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