Yeah, I knew that

Got the official results from the Mayo on the last round of testing.

Everything came back negative. I have no meaningful diagnosis. The next round of testing at the end of the month is grasping at straws.

The ENT has started conversationally throwing in words like “management” and “long-term.”

It’s still lovely that this is not life-threatening. That, I think, will not stop being lovely until I stop having bad dreams about the radiation therapy I was going to undergo if it had, in fact, been throat cancer.

But it’s not lovely to look ahead to forty-plus more years of difficulty talking and swallowing. Kinda uncool, that.


3 Responses

  1. I have had systemic chronic inflammation for a decade. No one knows what causes it, and no one wants to put me on steroids for the rest of my life. More and more of my friends are living longer and coming up with strange conditions. Welcome to the zebra herd.

  2. My sense is that you may have already done this, but if the “what” is operatively inconclusive, focusing on the how might be aided by investigating to see if anyone else in the strange world has similar conditions, not so to satiate the diagnostic curiosity (though that might happen) but more so that you can at least find members of your tribe and have some sense of community and some collective coping options. Though it might seem like it now, and it might be the case, I don’t think you’re the only person that suffers from this kind of enduring medical mystery, and the community of others might help.

  3. Uggggggggh. And yes still lovely in one large way, but ugh, I am sorry.

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