Hugo nominations for serial works, plus some notes

The Hugo Nominations are open until March 10th. Everyone I know is working on their ballots, or finalizing, or talking about the lesser-considered categories.

I’d like to mention a few things here, specifically in regards to Dramatic Short form and Graphic Story.

For both of these categories, we must nominate specific episodes or issues. You can’t nominate Welcome to Night Vale or Ms. Marvel; you have to PICK something.

This means that worthy series can miss nomination because their fans have not figured out which instance of the work to nominate. The vote gets split between multiple episodes, and nothing makes the ballot.

To combat that hazard, here are the SPECIFIC episodes and issues I propose to nominate in those categories:

Dramatic Short

Welcome to Night Vale, “Old Oak Doors” parts A and B

Gravity Falls, “Sock Opera”

Penny Dreadful, “The Seance”

Graphic Story

Pretty Deadly vol 1, The Shrike [full disclosure, I am the editor of this series]

Lazarus vol 2, Lift

The Fuse vol 1, The Russia Shift

Other things which may not be at the front of a nominator’s consideration — comic book artists are professional artists.

Best Professional Artist

Jamie McKelvie
Fiona Staples
Emma Rios
Matthew Lark
Matt Southworth
Justin Greenwood
Carla Speed McNeil

And, in case you missed it, I have eligibility in a few categories.

I am eligible for Best Editor, Short Fiction
Apex Magazine for Best Semipro
Pretty Deadly, which I edited, can be nominated for Graphic Story.
And all the short stories Apex published in 2014 are eligible. Not that you’re nominating ME with that, but rest assured I will be giddy with delight over any Apex-stories that get nominated.

Giddy, I tell you!


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