Temporarily a cyborg

Yesterday I had an upper G.I. endoscopy. (This is the latest grasping-at-straws the Mayo is doing for my mystery throat ailment.) While they were in there, they took biopsies, took photos and video, and implanted a wireless transmitter.

… Deep inside my body is a small capsule clipped to the mucosal lining of my esophagus. It samples the pH of my esophagus and broadcasts that data to a monitor pack. I am required to wear this monitor pack on a lanyard around my neck CONSTANTLY until Wednesday morning.

About every seven days or so, the human body naturally sloughs off the mucosal lining. So in about seven days the capsule will come free and exit.

This is both kinda gross and really neat, and in the meantime I am a cyborg.

Victory. Condition.


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