The Mayo Clinic is gorgeous

Yesterday I was in Rochester at the Mayo Clinic for …. hours and hours. An appointment in the morning and then one in the late afternoon. But J and I made the absolute best of it, and explored the gorgeousness of the Mayo Clinic.

Here’s my Instagram feed, with the photos.

We took the self-guided art tour — well, the first half of it anyway.

I kept saying things like, “they have a Rodin,” or, “they have a Calder,” in the same tone that Boromir says “they have a Cave-Troll” in Fellowship of the Rings. Because there was a Rodin bronze sitting in a foyer next to a flight of stairs, for pity’s sake! There’s a damn Calder just hanging over a stairwell!

It is gorgeous. I know I said that before, but it just IS. It’s …

… it’s a sharing of art and beauty and the best things humans can do, sitting out there for everyone to see and share. It’s wonderful.

We also got a tour of the carillon. A carillon, for those who may not know, is a set of ENORMOUS FREAKING BELLS that people play music on for the entire town to hear. We climbed the tower, got the tour, and stood in the booth while the current caretaker played the noon concert. Those pictures are also in my Instagram.

(It occurs to me that if you read this post in six weeks, my Instagram feed will have other more recent photos at the top. Scroll back.)

When J looked up the Mayo Clinic carillon on Wikipedia, the photo is of the guy who gave us the tour. It was wonderful.


Oh, and, I suppose I could mention the medical part of the visit. No result, no diagnosis, no news. The next step is a visit at the end of April to discuss how to live with this.

But the Mayo Clinic is damn beautiful.



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