Mini-vacation foresight

Apparently I, last year, had the foresight to bid vacation for my birthday. How smart of me!

I’ve had the last three days off, and it’s been full of accomplishment. Errands and chores and getting lingering things done that had piled up during the previous two weeks’s worth of Mayo visits.

I got my driver’s license renewed!
I took my car in to the mechanic!
I did some filing!
I found the papers I need in order to do my taxes!

My family took me to brunch on Sunday for my birthday. And we got Fancy Desserts from the Byerly’s bakery. And! And my family got me a SPICES OF THE MONTH CLUB thingy!


Of the month!

I am excited.

Perhaps in the rest of this week I’ll get my taxes done. Who knows?


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