Things what bring you joy

I saw that The Toast did a post about Animorphs? Which was never my fandom, but the SHEER TECTONIC GLEE with which people I like are greeting this is a delight to me.

I like animals. Weird animals and cute animals and rare animals.

I like sunshine, and knitting, and my family, and history, and cooking, and pop songs re-written as Shakespearean sonnets.

What’s got you gleeful today? What gives you joy?



2 Responses

  1. This morning, as I was enjoying a cup of delicious dark roast coffee, I heard a symphony of bird song. Those lovely birds that have been so absent during our bleak and silent winter. It remonded me how much I missed them.

  2. The sheer techtonic joy of the JEM And The Holograms reboot has been sheer pleasure to watch. Like you, it was never my thing; but it looks awesome.

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