Catching up on Star Wars

So the trailer for the new Star Wars movie was good, and I got excited for it and hopeful.

And then I spent the weekend watching the animated Star Wars properties.

I finished season one of Rebels, and started season one of Clone Wars.

… I really, really liked Rebels.

Clone wars, well, I am given to understand that S1 in uneven. So I’m sticking it out. I hope that there is less “humor” in future seasons — fewer dumb-droid jokes, for instance. In a series featuring an ultimately futile war to save a republic which is being poisoned from the heart outwards, a war fought by clones bred only to die for the rotting republican ideals, a war prosecuted by Jedi warrior-monks who will soon be betrayed and murdered by their own troops and comrades — well, I find the bumbling droids to be a tonal misstep.

Possibly that’s just me. Possibly other people consider them welcome relief.

Anyway, onwards!

I am, in all, enjoying this foray into a fandom I’ve never much pursued.


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