April 24 2015

1. We’re getting a bit of work done in the house. Our bathroom and first floor hall have both needed patching and repainting for, oh, four or five years? And we had a shelf we wanted hung, a sort of plate rail in the dining room.

Now, J and I have hung another plate rail, in the living room. (Neither of these plate rails hold plates, you understand. They hold LEGO models for Micropolis.) And we have painted in our house, certainly. The upshot is, we KNOW how tedious the ninety-year-old trim is to paint. And we KNOW that our plaster walls are, I don’t know, adamantium-laced of something. So we hired the jobs out.

The contractor, at the end of the second day, when he was not yet done, looked at us and said, “so, something tells me you knew these weren’t simple jobs.” We allowed as how, yes, we did sort of suspect.

He’s coming back next week to finish up.

2. On Wednesday I had the pleasure of seeing a play at the Guthrie Theater with a group of friends. (Technically, the play we saw — Blue Stockings — was in the Dowling Studio.) The play was a great deal of fun, and I recommend it.

I would like to mention, though, that the invitation to this event had said, “you don’t all know each other, but I assure you that you will all get along.” The inviter was right! I met some lovely women, smart and articulate and funny, and it was the perfect crowd in which to see a play about suffrage, women’s rights, and the education of women.

I am not a particularly outgoing person. If you only see me at conventions this may not be apparent. I try very hard to fake it at cons. So I was, in fact, a wee bit trepidatious about this excursion. But it was lovely in all respects.

3. My son has become enamored of a game called “Goat Simulator.” In which you, a goat, wander around destroying things and beating people with headbutts and your tongue.

He recently acquired a jetpack for his goat-self.

I just don’t even know.


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