Safety Culture

I have an odd job, compared to a lot of people. I work at a computer, but not the sort of computer most of you work at. I don’t attend meetings, or have conference calls.

Yesterday I was in my very first webinar.

Now, the reason for this is that I volunteered for something. I volunteered to be a part of the Local Safety Council at my facility. And, so, I was trained in on how to use the national-level software for logging safety events.

The webinar was not very exciting.

But I sat and listened and paid attention, because I believe in safety culture.

I believe it’s important to not merely react when things go wrong, to not merely support the status quo and keep the system going as it has always gone. I believe in thinking ahead, in studying what has happened, in examining near-mistakes and trying to make things better.

I want a safe airspace for the flying public. And so I volunteered.

Safety culture. It’s a thing we can make, if we care to do so.


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