Taking time to look at them

At the moment, my son loves watching Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. He read through all of my collected editions of Locke and Key last week. He asked me to re-download all the episodes of Rachel and Mile XPlain the X-Men so he can listen to them.

My daughter watches dance competition tv shows on YouTube. She loves Batgirl: Year One. We listen to the BBC’s The Conversation on the rides to and from circus.

Her hands are the same size as mine.

My son’s feet are bigger than mine.

I made sure to show them both the new Taylor Swift video for “Bad Blood” yesterday. They both love it.

They play outside together on the trampoline and the hammock. They tell each other ridiculous jokes over lunch, jokes about farts and slapstick.

My daughter is incredibly thoughtful about the pets, and always remembers what they need.

My son is loving cooking for himself and the family, and he even kinda sorta cleans up the kitchen.

I’m going out of town this weekend, for Wiscon. Every year I take two small stuffed Pokemon with me — Munchles and Snorles. I take pictures of the Pokemon and post them so the kids can see.

We all miss each other, when we are away.

They are great kids. I like remembering to take the time to really see them.


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