Vid Premieres at Wiscon 39

The Vid Party at Wiscon was great, as usual. Among the premiered vids were two I want to mention specifically.

Garrdeb’s Hope In the Air, a fanvid for volume one of the comic Pretty Deadly.

Now, I am the editor of that comic. I am entirely biased. But this is a great fanvid. There’s something in taking the still images in giving them a sense of motion that Garrdeb is good at. (You may recall her Captain Marvel vid from a few years back.)


The second vid is brainwane’s Pipeline, about women in the tech industry.

Oh, y’all.

This is heartbreaking.

From initial hope to bitter disappointment to exhausted complicity to rage, this is the pipeline of women in tech. The vid is clear and funny and painful and sad, and it’s set to “Blank Space,” and, and, and …

(Click to watch.)

I told the vidder that the reason I love this, the reason it makes me cry, is that this vid is taking the erased and excised women in tech and putting them back into our collective history.

We can’t forget, no matter how much we are encouraged to do so, the women who make the world.


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